GotoView virtual viewings will help you reduce carbon emissions

NicheCom finds a ton of CO2 can be saved each year if 20% of viewings remote

With the growing urgency for us all to start taking steps towards carbon reduction, we have been evaluating what NicheCom can do as business and thinking about how we can help our clients who are increasingly looking to reduce energy emissions.

NicheCom commission research into the carbon emitted during a viewing

In the estate agency business, the sheer number of car journeys taken week in week out for valuations and viewings, will be significantly adding to the carbon footprint of each and every branch.

Have you ever wondered how much CO2 is emitted when you drive to every single viewing?

We were curious to find out, so earlier this year, NicheCom commissioned a research piece by carbon consultancy, Carbon Footprint, to establish the average Kg CO2 released during the traditional viewing process and to find out how much this could be reduced by if some viewings were conducted virtually.

Carbon Footprint sourced statistics on the average distance an agent drives to a viewing, the average number of viewings it takes to sell a property and the average number of sales per branch per annum.

There were some quite striking figures uncovered for the total volume of CO2 emitted and it was an eye-opener to discover the environmental impact of reducing this even by just 20 per cent.

For each property sale, an average of 30. kg CO2 is emitted from the car journeys where all viewings take place in in person.  However, this can be reduced by 5.5kg when 20 per cent of viewings are carried out using GotoView accompanied virtual viewings.

When this 5.5Kg is multiplied by the total number of properties marketed per branch per year, it starts to make a difference, but if GotoView was used by every estate agency in the country, it could save a staggering 6,089 tonnes of CO2 from being released into the atmosphere.

To put this into context, this is the equivalent of the carbon emissions for 10,500 return flights from London to New York.

Save a ton of carbon each year when 20% of viewings virtual

Our research was based on the premise that an agent could reduce the number of physical viewings by as little as 20% in order in the lower the emissions by a substantial amount for the estate agency industry as a whole. But what is the impact for each agent? We discovered that a typical two branch agency would save a ton of carbon per annum, when just 20% of viewings are done virtually.

Of all the current ‘virtual viewings’ offerings, NicheCom’s accompanied virtual viewing service, GotoView, most closely resembles the physical viewing experience.

Agents present a virtual viewing via live video chat, walking a prospective buyer through a Matterport 3D showcase, building rapport in the same way as if they were there in person. NicheCom’s showcases are all scanned with the market leading Pro2 camera, ensuring an extremely high-quality digital twin is created of every property we visit.

There are numerous benefits to agents of using GotoView. Where first viewings are carried out virtually, agents spend less wasted time on the road, save on fuel costs and can offer vendors and buyers a more hassle-free way of managing viewings.

The icing on the cake is the potential for massive carbon savings when physical visits are reserved for second viewings or those in a proceedable position.

NicheCom now a carbon neutral organisation

We are extremely proud to have recently become a carbon neutral organisation as certified by the internationally recognised Carbon Footprint Standard.

We have taken every possible step to maximise energy efficiency at head office, are costing up a solar PV array and gradually replacing our fleet with electric vehicles. Remaining emissions are being offset by a number of renewable energy and reforestation schemes.

This has been a really positive step forward for our business. With more and more of our clients focusing on going green, we can offer them the reassurance that NicheCom as a supplier is equally committed to achieving net zero.

When an agent uses NicheCom for property marketing services, they enjoy the peace of mind that we can produce all the assets needed to start marketing a property in a single marketing visit. No need to clock up additional mileage sending out a separate floorplanner or domestic energy assessor!

Our research has concluded that carrying out even a small percentage of viewings virtually can shift the dial towards net zero.

If you have any queries this research, or are interested in getting a bespoke calculation for your branch, please contact Peter Burnham on or tel 0118 977 0690.

Find out more about GotoView virtual viewings.  Email or tel 0118 977 0690.