Covid-19 Safe System of Working Policy 

NicheCom will continue to undertake property visits in line with our Safe System of Working guidance.

Despite the official removal of all Covid-19 restrictions, all employees, be they field or office-based staff, have been asked to stay at home for a minimum of 5 days if they receive a positive test result. Prior to returning to the workplace or resuming property visits, they will be required to have had a negative test result for at least two consecutive days.

Property visits will only be carried out if the photographer is well and has no symptoms of Covid-19. Where a property occupant has received a positive diagnosis, we will ask that the appointment be re-arranged.

PPE will be worn upon request

There is no official requirement for our photographers to wear protective equipment while on a property visit but we will continue to supply them with face coverings, shoe coverings or protective gloves, should they wish to do so.

When booking a marketing visit, if there is an occupant who would prefer PPE to be worn, please make a request at booking stage so we can ensure our photographer is adequately equipped.

Equally, if you have a resident who is elderly or medically vulnerable, please don’t hesitate to let us know so we can ask our photographer to wear additional protection for the duration of a visit.