Covid-19 Safe System of Working Policy – revised July 2021

NicheCom will continue to undertake property visits in line with all of Public Health England’s recommendations following our Safe System of Working guidance.

Property visits will only be carried out if the photographer is well and has no symptoms of COVID-19 (however mild). No visits will take place to any household where an occupant has received a positive diagnosis, has any symptoms, or is self-isolating.

Photographers will still be wearing PPE upon request, be washing hands and sanitising equipment regularly.

From July 19th 2021, we be requesting that staff maintain a sensible social distance (1 metre plus) for the duration of a visit.

Key considerations for our photographers when working on customers’ premises:

When discussing an appointment with an occupier/agent, they will check that no occupants are self-isolating, displaying any symptoms of COVID-19, and/or have received a positive diagnosis. This also applies when collecting keys from a branch.

At appointment booking stage, we will ask if vendors wish PPE to be worn and advise how to prepare for a visit so that minimal items have to be moved on the day.  

In summary, our photographers will:

  • Check whether any occupants are self-isolating, experiencing any symptoms of COVID-19, and/or have received a positive diagnosis
  • Ask the agent/occupier if they would prefer us to attend wearing either full or partial PPE
  • Be expecting the residents to be maintain a minimum of a 1 metre+ social distance for the duration of the appointment
  • Request that the property be prepared in advance of a visit so we can limit the items that have to be moved
  • Sanitise kit daily