Property Photography

We have over 30 years’ experience, employ over 120 photographers and are confident that we are best in class when it comes to producing beautiful property photography.

As the old adage goes “A picture paints a 1000 words” and a great set of photographs can really help sell a property. All our photographers are members of the Royal Photographic Society and are trained to deliver the very best in property photography. Since the start of 2023, all our photographers have been equipped with the latest Sony mirrorless cameras that come with a new wider angle lens, and produce photos with enhanced colour, better sharpness and overall quality. Read more about NicheCom’s new Sony cameras.

NicheCom is the UK’s only property marketing agency that can deliver cutting edge photography to estate agents at scale that is of a consistently high quality and at an affordable price. We pride ourselves on always staying one step ahead of the curve, allowing you to get an edge on your local competition. 

NicheCom's photographers are all skilled in producing the cutting-edge style of photography (such as lifestyle, elevated, dusk and drone) now sought after by agents and vendors alike. Furthermore, we are one of the UK's largest service partners for Matterport, the world's leading provider of 3D immersive tours.

Teaser videos

We recently launched teaser videos that are ideal for embedding on websites and for use on social media platforms. You can add your own branding and a selection of personally chosen music. If you haven’t yet tried our teaser videos, call our office on 0118 9770690 to get this set up for you. They come FREE with every property photography order. 

NicheCom will always stress the importance of using an employed photographer rather than a freelancer. It is only by using our business model you can be sure who is visiting the property and ultimately representing your company, at an easy and impressionable stage of the customer journey.

Photography awards

As part of our drive to achieve photography excellence, we hold both monthly and annual competitions, inviting submissions for a particular theme and crowning one of our team ‘photographer of the year’.

Our photographers are all committed to continual personal development, striving to win an award by nominating their most creative and well composed property photographs recently taken for our clients. Their property photography portfolios are all available upon request.

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