Reapit Agency Cloud integration

Reapit Agency Cloud users can now order photography, 3D showcases, floorplans and EPCs via an app that has been added to their ‘Marketplace’ and also book GotoView virtual viewings via a third party app, hosted outside the cloud but transferring information to your desktop in real time. 


Agencies with a Reapit CRM will now have a more streamlined way of processing orders with us, no longer having to log into our work management system to manage jobs and can schedule virtual viewings with just a few clicks. 


NicheCom is committed to any form of integration that will save clients time and money so please do not hesitate to contact us with queries about how we can work with other software providers.

Benefits of CRM integration

  • Save admin time when you only have to add property details once.
  • Avoiding having to double key information reduces potential errors.
  • We will receive orders more quickly so can process faster.
  • We receive an alert to action a job as soon as details submitted.
  • Marketing assets will be automatically loaded so you don’t have to download from a contact sheet.
  • GotoView virtual viewings can be booked directly rather than via a third party website

How to use the NicheCom app in Reapit

Enjoy a seamless experience and save a huge amount of admin time when you can manage NicheCom orders and GotoView bookings directly through your CRM.

GotoView app

You can locate the GotoView app in the third party integrations section of Reapit’s App Marketplace. 


GotoView is NicheCom’s market leading virtual viewing service that allows agents to present an accompanied immersive tour via video conference technology. Quickly schedule appointments with prospective buyers without having to keep switching software. 


GotoView is free with every order of our Matterport 3D showcases. Read more about GotoView here.