NicheCom become carbon neutral organisation

NicheCom are now a carbon neutral organisation

NicheCom is delighted to announce that as of July 2022, we have officially gained carbon neutral status.

We have been working with Carbon Footprint Ltd over the past six months to initially become ‘carbon assessed’ and then subsequently on a strategy for reducing our emissions and offsetting the remainder.

At NicheCom head office we are proud to have taken every possible step to maximise energy efficiency; cutting electricity usage, installing LED light bulbs, improving insulation and we are in the process of costing up a 50 kWp solar PV array. Our company cars are gradually being replaced by electric vehicles and we are aiming for a fully green fleet by 2025.

Being one of the UK’s largest property marketing agencies, It is important to all of us at NicheCom that we lead by example and stand by our moral obligation to minimise the impact of our business operations on the environment. With more and more of our clients focusing on going green, they will also get the reassurance that their suppliers are equally committed to achieving net zero.

Carbon offsetting projects

Part of our carbon management journey is to invest in solutions for offsetting the excess emissions and having evaluated a number of global schemes, we are pleased to have split investment three ways.

NicheCom is contributing funds to a renewable energy project involving the creation of biomass fuel from agricultural residues in Buenos Aires, the development of a 480 MW solar energy power plant in India and to a scheme to reduce the emissions from deforestation and protect biodiversity in Cambodia.

In addition, we are sponsoring the Freedom Flight Prize that will be awarded to the first transatlantic flight of a passenger plane powered by 100% renewable energy. This prize aims to accelerate the development of truly sustainable aviation.

Freedom Flight Sponsor NicheCom

We are thrilled that NicheCom has achieved the Carbon Footprint Standard - Carbon Neutral Organisation status by supporting a number of certified international offset projects. These initiatives assist with decarbonisation through providing clean energy, as well as preserving primary forests and bringing additional benefits to the local communities.

To find out more about The Carbon Footprint Standard or any of their carbon offsetting schemes, please contact or telephone 0118 936 0127.