GotoView virtual viewings

GotoView is NicheCom’s accompanied virtual viewing platform that combines a Matterport 3D showcase with video call facilitation, pulled together in an easy to navigate web portal.


This new service gives agents the ability to host a virtual viewing with a number of prospective buyers who can log in for live video chat.


GotoView helps agents to engage earlier with prospective buyers, allows them to answer questions while presenting a property and enables more first viewings to be booked in more quickly.


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GotoView is not intended to replace the need for a physical viewing – simply provide a speedier introduction. All parties involved will appreciate the convenience and safety (until such a time as Covid-19 is eradicated) of carrying out that first viewing online.

Why buyers, sellers and tenants love GotoView

Accompanied virtual viewings give everyone involved with buying, selling or letting houses, a far better experience. 


They offer a convenient way to conduct virtual first viewings via an immersive walkthrough of a 3D property scan, meaning only those seriously interested will go on to visit in person.


Everyone benefits when first viewings can take place immediately. Sellers don’t need to spend so much time tidying up, can fit in more viewings and get under offer faster. Buyers and tenants can avoid wasting evenings and weekends. 

Offer GotoView? Then download our assets

To help you promote the fact that you offer GotoView to your vendors, buyers and landlords, we’ve created a suite of marketing assets.


Some are either free to download, such as our promotional flyers and GotoView enabled logos, free upon request such as our window stickers, or can be designed especially for you using our ready-to-go templates.

How can GotoView benefit everyone?


  • Save time and money organising and travelling between viewings

  • Engage buyers earlier to convert opportunities into instructions

  • Attract more vendors by offering an easier/safer way to market their home


  • Fewer physical viewings so there will be less tidy-ups required

  • Less inconvenience from last minute cancellations and time wasters

  • Can sell a home faster as first viewings can take place more quickly


  • View at any time, anywhere, on your phone, tablet, laptop or Desktop/PC

  • Partners can view a property from different locations through the online portal

  • Get to see more properties, more quickly and safely


  • Fewer physical viewings mean less inconvenience for existing tenants

  • Secure a tenancy faster and often without the need for a physical viewing

  • Have a 3D scan done once and it can be used every time you re-let


  • Can view immediately without having to give 24 hours notice to tenants

  • Avoid time wasted travelling to viewings, a huge benefit if they are relocating

  • Can take out a contract based on the quality of the 3D showcase

Property managers

  • Reduce void periods by marketing a property earlier

  • Contractors can provide quotes for maintenance and repairs from a 3D scan

  • Our high quality 3D scans can help resolve deposit disputes

3D Matterport tours

We’re proud to be partnered with Matterport, who’s Pro2 cameras use ground-breaking scanning technology to create a digital twin of any property or space.


3D immersive tours allow users to ‘be in the room’ and navigate their way entirely through a property using only their mouse, keyboard or finger on smartphones or tablets.


While we have been providing 3D tours for several years already, this new GotoView service will take the experience to the next level. 


See our 3D tours portfolio here.