We have put together some hints and tips for using GotoView

What do the icons mean?

Floor Plan

Click to view the floor plan of the Space

Dollhouse View

Click to view and rotate a top-down view of the entire property

Floor Selector

Switch between floors in the Space

Mattertag Posts

Click or hover over for information about features in the Space

Tour Controls

Play, pause, and navigate forward and backward through a Guided Tour

Inside View

Click to explore inside the Space

VR Mode

Click to launch the Space in virtual reality


Click 360 Views in the Highlight Reel to view outdoor scenes

Highlight Reel

Open to navigate through the space using thumbnail images

Click and drag to look around the space. Or use the left and right arrow keys to turn.

Click on the rings throughout the space to move around. Or click the up and down arrow keys.

Use the scroll wheel to zoom in and out. Or use the plus and minus keys to zoom.

Hints and Tips

Think about where you want to host your virtual viewing from. A quiet corner or better still a meeting room with little or no background noise.

If you are using the video function, then ensure that your camera is pointing straight at you from a reasonable height and always look at the viewer and not yourself.

You can expand additional information on the property by clicking on the ‘I’ icon in the top left of the screen. You can also write notes to refer back to here.

As the viewing host, you can pass over control of the 3D Showcase by clicking the dropdown arrow in the top left and select another person on the viewing. Sit back and watch them move around the property.

If you or your buyer has poor internet connection, you can switch off your camera & mic and give your buyer a call. You can continue to share your screen with them while you chat over the phone.

There is a chat function in the bottom right. Useful for when you are hosting to multiple people.

The video boxes default to the optimum size and location, you can move or increase any video box by a simple click & drag.

There is a floor plan view in the bottom left of the screen. You can jump into the property by clicking anywhere on the floor plan.

There is a play button in the bottom left of the screen, useful for when you want to concentrate on one thing at a time.

There is also a handy measuring tool in the bottom left of the screen. If you do use this tool, you must hit escape to exit the tool. This tool only works inside the property.

If your virtual viewing freezes for either party, simply refresh your browser.

Always end the viewing by clicking on the end viewing button in the top right.

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