GotoView audio and video equipment

Although GotoView virtual viewings can be hosted without computer audio and video equipment, in order to provide the full GotoView experience and maximise the benefits to all involved, making use of video communication during each viewing is certainly preferred.


We understand that each of our clients have their own individual setups, and many do not currently have any means of facilitating video calls, especially within a busy and often noisy front office environment.

To make virtual viewings easier to manage if you are not ideally set up at the moment, we can recommend equipment that has been tried and tested to support GotoView virtual viewings. 

We can ensure you don’t acquire equipment that is unsuitable, or more expensive than you need, having tried and tested a variety of audio and video gear.

Getting the most out of GotoView

You may require advanced boardroom audio and video equipment, enabling your agency to host viewings as a group. For example, if you want to show your vendor around the impressive new 3D showcase of their home whilst introducing them to the team, or for giving Negotiators a virtual tour, so that they are prepared to host viewings themselves, both virtually and physically.


Or maybe you require more ‘on the go’ equipment, such as laptops or tablets, to best equip your Listers in presenting GotoView during valuations, helping them gain interest and win instructions.

Desktop webcams and headsets

If you simply need to arm your team with the tools needed to host professional and effective GotoView viewings from their desks, then reasonably priced compatible clip-on webcams and plug-in noise-cancelling headsets should more than suffice.


Whatever your needs, big or small, please don’t hesitate to contact us on 01189 770690 for guidance on equipment, setup and/or additional support.