GotoView marketing assets

To help you promote GotoView accompanied virtual viewings to your vendors, buyers and landlords, we’ve created a suite of marketing assets. 


Some are either free to download, such as our promotional flyers and GotoView enabled logos, free upon request such as our window stickers, or can be designed especially for you using our ready-to-go templates. 


Bespoke designs for banners or for online advertising such as RightMove graphics can be created by our in-house team for minimal cost. 

GotoView enabled sticker

Download free logos to use on your promotional material, flyers for your vendors that can be customised with your logo, or order a window sticker for your branch.

Download our free to use GotoView logos and flyer

GotoView Enabled logo

Download a zip file of different GotoView Enabled logos that you can use on any marketing material including brochures, digital ads, posters or signage. Please use in line with our brand guidelines.

GotoView Crest logo

Our GotoView Enabled Crest is available either as an electronic file or as a window sticker. Please download the files here, or contact us for a free window sticker. Use of the logo should comply with our brand guidelines.

GotoView flyer

We have created a flyer that you can pass on to your vendors to inform them about all the benefits of using GotoView. You can download a PDF here, use our turning pages version or contact us about designing a branded version.

Bespoke items such as promotional banners, videos or banner display adverts are available to brand with your logo and corporate colour scheme.

GotoView video

Our promotional video describes the benefits of GotoView for vendors, buyers and tenants. We can supply you with a branded copy featuring your logo and corporate colours free of charge. Contact us for more information.

GotoView banners

If you need a professional looking backdrop for your GotoView virtual viewing presentations, we can print specially designed branded banners at cost price (from £75 each). Contact us for more information.

GotoView Rightmove graphics

Online banner advertising for Rightmove or any other online portal can be ideal for promoting that you are GotoView enabled. Our design team can quote you for a customised ad. Contact us for a price.