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Data analysis and profilling

Data analysis and profiling

Having correct data and targeting the right people can be the difference between the success and failure of a campaign.

Niche Communications can provide a range of data services including profiling, segmentation and our unique online data provision software.

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Data cleaning

Every day 1,600 people die, 18,000 registrations are received for the Telephone Preference Service, 240 businesses move premises and 18,000 people move house.

All of these changes cause consumer and business data to rapidly decay. The integrity of the consumer and business data used within customer communications and marketing campaigns has a direct impact on the response rates, campaign costs and a consumer’s perception of the organisation.

Data cleansing enables organisations to address these issues by: Reducing costs associated with contacting individuals who cannot or will not respond Improving the effectiveness of communications to consumers, improving response rates and return on marketing investment.

Reducing the risk of causing consumer annoyance and damaging brand reputation. Ensuring that data and marketing communications are compliant with the numerous data regulatory requirements.

Data profiling

Do you really know your customers?
Do you know who you should be targeting?
Are you wasting valuable resources by mailing the wrong people?

Niche Communications can provide a complete picture of your client base. We can identify key characteristics such as age, gender, affluence, etc. We can tell you about the type of property that they live in, how long they have lived there and provide an insight into their lifestyle. This insight can be as detailed as you need.

We will analyse your existing client base, using various lifestyle databases, to build a profile of your specific customer groups. We will work with you to determine your requirements and construct the profiles accordingly.

This profile can then be incorporated into a prospect database to easily identify the key prospects in your area (i.e. those with the same characteristics and ability to spend as your customer base). This can then be used to generate mailing lists of those people who are relevant to your specific product.

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Business to business data

Business data

‘Business to business data decays at a rate of 37.7% a year’

The core of any successful B2B marketing campaign is accurate and up-to-date business data. Niche Communications provides a cost effective solution for business-to-business prospecting.

Our expertise and results-oriented approach can help you with your customer relationship marketing and to achieve customer acquisition, retention and reactivation.

With over 1.6 million business records, we are able to provide custom lists to meet your requirements. Data can be selected on the following criteria:
Business Information
We can help you to avoid upsetting your existing customers by de-duping against your client databases and highlighting (or removing) your customers from your prospect lists.

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what our clients say

"I have worked with NicheCom for over 15 years, during which time they have grown to be a substantial organisation. They have never lost sight of the extreme importance of customer care and contact and their passion for positive immediate action if anything goes wrong (which it does from time to time as life is not perfect) is thoroughly refreshing.

They always act swiftly to establish the cause of the problem and put it right. They do not seek to apportion blame or make it difficult for us. Without drama they put the issue right and we move on."

Andrew Dewar - Joint Senior Partner at Curchods, Burns & Webber Estate Agents