Why keep print in your marketing mix

Why keep print in your marketing mix?

You could be missing a large part of your local market if you don’t

Despite the growing prevalence of digital marketing channels, there are many reasons why there should still be a place for print in your marketing mix.

How many times have we gone to search for a message we had seen earlier in the day and not be able to find it or remember who it was from? No email or social media post can have the same presence as a physical item that you can touch, pin to a board or file away until needed.

Mail metrics research agency, JICMAIL, has recently conducted studies into the effectiveness of direct mail and discovered that it is still an important way of delivering key consumer messages in difficult times.  The latest figures show that over 95% of mail is engaged with and as much as 30% of it, results in a commercial action for the advertiser.

A multi-channel approach can help you hit the spot with all your different markets and this research really highlights just how engaging print marketing can be.

Who are you missing?

If your target market is not Millennials or GenZ, who is your social media reaching? If people aren’t actively looking to purchase a new property, will they be following you on social media? It may be that a well-targeted flyer that lands on their doorstop will entice them to take the first step, and reach out for a valuation. Clever local targeting, harnessing the power of AI, ensures you get your message in front of everyone (not just the digital natives) that may be thinking of selling in the near future.

Tangible items instill a sense of trust

There is no substitute for a piece of quality print. An agency that invests in well-designed brochures sends a message that they put care and attention into their marketing. This fosters a sense of trust and enhances the perceived value of a brand. Investing in print (that is relatively inexpensive) can help you position yourself above your local rivals and attract buyers and sellers who want to deal with a brand that is investing in local marketing

Shouting about your success stories can also give an instant boost to your credibility. Strategically mailed ‘sold in your road’ cards can quickly make the neighbours sit up and take notice and piques curiosity in their own valuation.

Keep print in your marketing mix

Cut through the digital noise

Most of us experience a sense of digital overwhelm from time to time, from the endless ads that populate our screens. A high frequency of poor quality ads can do more harm than good to a brand! A piece of print marketing is far less intrusive and offers a welcome change to an audience that is tired of tech.

Research shows that we have a far greater attention span when it comes to processing the information on a printed item. When there is no option to delete after a nanosecond, we are likely to spend far longer digesting the content of a mailer.

According to JICMAIL’s study ‘The time we spend with mail’*, the amount of time consumers spend with a piece of direct mail is an average of 108 seconds across the course of a month, while the average Door Drop is viewed for 46 seconds.

The research went on to assess the cost per second of attention with direct mail vs other methods of messaging such as social ads. It discovered that the overall cost per minute for Door Drops was £0.07 and for Direct Mail it was £0.11. By comparison, the cost per minute of attention paid to social display ads weighed in at £0.19.

Longer lifespan and better engagement with direct mail

There is evidence that not only is print is looked at for longer but it also has a far greater lifespan.

The most recent quarterly report from JICMAIL** found mail open, read and retention rates have grown year-on-year. Business mail experienced almost 5 different interactions, up from the previous period and the lifespan of Door Drops has increased to almost 6 days!

When you consider these incredible levels of engagement, there is no doubt that print can offer a great return on investment.

AI promotes highly accurate targeting

The rapid development of AI has improved our ability to predict those most likely to move in the near future. NicheCom has partnered with TwentyEA (Part of the TwentyCi group) that use AI and machine learning to accurately pin point the top 10% of vendors most likely to instruct in any agent’s patch. A print campaign aimed at this audience is reported to be 5 times more effective than random targeting. Read more about our targeted direct mail

NicheCom print room
The NicheCom print department

Print can enhance the effectiveness of digital campaigns

By incorporating print into your campaign, you can be sure of reaching all your target demographics. Print can complement a digital campaign, driving traffic to your site, encouraging calls and adding a layer of credibility to your marketing. The JICMAIL study discovered that direct mail generates on average, over 5 minutes of website usage from items that have prompted digital traffic. A multi-channel approach is generally considered the best way to drive positive campaign outcomes.


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*The time we spend with mail – A JICMAIL Attention Study June 2023

** JICMAIL Q1 2023 report into Reach, Frequency and Lifespan