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Property marketing videos – what are the latest trends?

Find out how agents are using video to its best advantage

We’re all aware of the growing popularity of property videos and the benefits of using them on our social media channels, but as we head towards the close of 2023,  how are agents increasing the reach and engagement with this type of content?

It’s been a couple of years since we launched property marketing videos and the intention was to offer a slick, branded walkthrough that would help agents reduce their reliance on the portals and could be used to generate more direct web traffic. Find out more about our property video products

Research has shown that listings with video can attract 400% more engagement and It’s fair to say, that since our launch, video has exploded in popularity. The versatility of this product has enabled us to quickly respond to shifting requirements and create a myriad of formats to suit different digital platforms and a range of budgets.

In 2023, what have we seen by way of trends with property video?

Smoother transitions, shorter formats and more text overlays

We’ve seen a move away from the speeded up walking between rooms, that has frequently been a feature of these videos, to smoother, more natural-looking transitions. Subtle movements with creative touches now offer a very professional look and contemporary feel.

Some agents have been experimenting with a shorter, more punchy video, catering to a time-starved audience. A typical social media video will be 30-50 seconds but some of clients have been trialling as version that is as brief as 15-20 seconds. Watch this space to see if this becomes more popular as we go into 2024!

To cater for the many people, and often younger demographic, that will watch via mobile with sound off, we have been adding text overlays with key information so that important details are not missed.

Having a dedicated in-house production team, we can cater for any level of branding or personalisation you might require. We can set it as your default template style to roll out across all your video orders.

Find out more about our property marketing videos

The filming of intros and outros

An increasingly popular format, whereby we will meet the agent at a property and film a brief introduction and a call to action at the close of the video. This helps with putting a face to the name, giving a head start to relationship building with prospective buyers.

This format can offer agent the best of both worlds, a friendly introduction combined with a professional looking branded video. It looks like it has been created by them but the finished quality is likely to be better than can be achieved by an agent with a mobile who doesn’t have access to a professional editing suite.

Vertical video formats

Over the past 12 months we’ve noticed a shift in favour of a portrait style, with a higher percentage of videos being ordered in this format. They are more suited to sharing and social media, ideal for Reels, Stories, Facebook Marketplace and Tiktok, and have a viewing experience that is designed for mobile devices.

With any kind of property, you can get a better sense of the flow of rooms and a more rounded perspective with video. However, we’ve noticed the portrait format has been especially popular for showcasing city townhouses, and period properties. 

Many agents are ordering both formats and using a landscape version for the portals and their website and the vertical version to generate leads from their social media channels.

Don’t forget our new DJI Mini 3 Pro drones also now offer ‘True Vertical Shooting’ so we’re covering all video bases. They can even switch between landscape and portrait formats mid flight offering you the best of both worlds. No more trying to make your landscape drone video fit to a story or reel! 

Read more about vertical videos 

Location shoots

We’ve been on numerous location shoots this year where agents are keen to promote the highlights of a town or coastal location. Agents are increasingly keen to share the love for their neighbourhood and selling the location and lifestyle is as important as selling the property!

Launching the drone is an ideal way to get a bird’s eye view of the locale surrounding a home; showing off attractive architecture, gardens, parks or beaches to give a potential buyer a well-rounded view of the area.

You can quickly share local knowledge via a video in a way that is simply not possible with a wordy description or photographs alone. These videos are totally bespoke, offering as much or as little detail as required, can be hosted on your website or pinned to social channels, offering long term value as they are not specific to any particular property.

Drone videography and premium video

Drone video can take in a town, hover over a new build development or simply showcase the grounds of an individual property.

Our premium video product now frequently combines drone with walkthrough and is popular for high end homes deserving of a special marketing package.

A drone can swoop into the grounds of a property, offering footage that can be stitched seamlessly with premium video content filmed on a gimbal stabilised professional camera. They can be longer in length than a regular walkthrough, incorporating more creativity and offering a cinematic feel.

Our video products are ever-evolving and as mentioned previously, can be adapted to suit the style you are seeking and the needs of your business. 

To find out more about our property video products and please do not hesitate to contact us on 0118 977 0690 or email for a quote or to discuss your video requirements.