2023 Photographer of the Year Awards

This year's photographer of the year awards were combined with our 30 year celebrations - did your photographer pick up a trophy?

This year’s ‘Photographer of The Year” awards kicked off a special day of celebration earlier this month. Thanks to our ever-growing team, we enjoyed a higher number of entries than ever, making it a real challenge to select an overall winner.  

NicheCom’s ‘Photographer of the Year’ award is an important annual event, where we ask all our photographers to submit their finest work in a number of categories. The overall winner gets to be crowned ‘Photographer of the Year’! 

Since switching to the Sony mirrorless cameras at the end of last year, we’ve been delighted with the enhanced quality, that in turn led to some exceptional competition entries. Sony were keen to be involved with this event and donated a staggering £1000 of equipment as the ultimate prize. 

We hope that by raising the bar with our photography, it will ensure that you can market your properties with the best possible imagery. 

So, did your photographer pick up an award? Scroll down to find out who the winners were in your region.

Celebrating the great and good of NicheCom

We’ve done our best to include a shot of everyone that picked up an award. There were unfortunately a couple that weren’t able to attend but you’ll be able to see all the winning entries below. 

Creative Photography

Creative photography is what sets us apart from the crowd and our photographers never miss an opportunity for an eye-catching image.  We are pleased to present the winners and runners up for each region in this category:

Documentary photography

Documentary photographs are considered to be a factual representation of part, or all of a property or capture the size, layout, fixtures/fittings or location in a single image. It was incredibly hard to pick a winner and runner up in each region. 

Wildcard category

Celebrating a win for the newly created ‘Drone photography’ category was Adam, with his shot of this remotely located cliffside home. There was also a ‘shout out’ for experienced photographer, Darren, who submitted this beautiful poolside exterior.  

NicheCom's Photographer of the Year 2023

And saving the very best until last, winning the most votes overall, was Ellie with her sensational sunset. Woking has never looked more glamorous! 


Please join us in congratulating all of our photographers on producing such excellent work over the last 12 months!

Find out more about our property photography services. If you have any queries about any of our other property marketing services, email info@nichecom.co.uk or tel. 0118 977 0690