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NicheCom launch new portrait drone video service

The demand for video footage is soaring (excuse the pun) and we’re continually developing our products to fit the needs of today’s tech savvy agents.

It’s no lie to say that along with property walkthroughs, drone video has really taken off and vendors with sprawling grounds to showcase or a special location to highlight have really benefitted from the stunning film footage that can be gleaned from an aerial perspective.

Where pictures can paint a thousand words, video can take your visuals to a whole new level.

Spring through to late summer is the ideal time to be capturing a property in a flattering light. The longer days and more settled weather are more conducive to filming and gardens look green and glorious in full bloom.

NicheCom employ more qualified drone pilots than any UK property marketing agency, allowing for full coverage across the country. We can tag on a drone shoot to any property marketing visit, far more convenient than trying to coordinate the visits of several freelancers. Find out more about NicheCom’s drone photography services

Portrait property videos for social media

More content than ever is being consumed on mobiles and this is driving demand for video filmed in portrait format. To meet this need, NicheCom has invested in a fleet of upgraded drones, capable of producing photography or video in both landscape and portrait formats. The new DJI Mini 3 Pro drones can easily switch between the two mid-flight so it’s now easy to order both styles in one booking. No more trying to make your landscape video fit a story or reel!

As well as offering ‘True Vertical Shooting’, the new drones have improved battery life, advanced obstacle avoidance, more stable video transmission, and a fully upgraded higher resolution sensor. It can offer better clarity at dusk and can reveal more detail where there are extreme highlights and shadows.

Compact and lightweight, they are safe to fly across most of the UK’s airspace including highly populated areas like the City of London. If you are located within the orbital region, we have a guide to drone photography that provides more information for booking jobs in and around this area.


Why use video in your property marketing?

Estate agents are recognising that a well-made video, shot by either a drone, mirrorless camera or iPhone Pro, can offer an invaluable resource for both buyers and sellers. Launched on the right platforms, they can engage prospective buyers early in the process and also impress sellers keen to instruct a forward thinking agent.


Incorporated into a marketing plan, video offers enhanced brand awareness and a boost to any estate agent’s digital marketing strategy.

Links to pages with embedded YouTube videos get exponentially more organic search results, generating valuable page views and boosting SEO. Google (who happen to own YouTube) prioritise websites that contain video, ensuring they are far more likely to appear on page one.

Videos are also a fantastic tool for hooking in prospective buyers on social media. Sophisticated algorithms will serve up content they know is of interest to account holders, with video enjoying far more views, shares and likes than text or stills alone.

NicheCom offer a branded walkthrough video, as with our drone products, in both landscape and portrait format. Where only the best will do, our premium offerings can combine walkthrough with spectacular drone footage.

Read more about all the different types of property walkthrough videos we offer or get in touch today to discuss all the options. Tel 0118 977 0690 or email

Why choose NicheCom for your drone shoot?

As mentioned, we can easily add a drone shoot to any marketing visit. Why hire lots of different freelancers, when we can do the lot in one visit?

All our drone pilots are CAA certified and carry with them the necessary insurance to ensure compliance with the current regulations.

And as they are experienced property photographers first and foremost, they are familiar with dealing with vendors and understanding what makes them tick. They also have considerable local knowledge of the areas they operate within so are well placed to capture the most exciting angles and winning shots that will appeal to a potential buyer.

Find out more about NicheCom’s drone services.

How to book drone photography or video with NicheCom

The majority of our photographers are qualified drone pilots so we can offer this service, the length and breadth of the country. When placing your order for a regular visit, either via our Work Management System or via Reapit, simply tick a box to add drone photography as an extra to your visit.

If you wish to order the portrait format either instead of, or as well as, the traditional landscape format, you will need to make a comment in the section for ‘specific shots’ or later on in the ‘additional notes’ box.  

A discount will be automatically calculated when it is bolted on to an existing visit. 

How to order drone photography with NicheCom

To find out about our drone photography services or video products, do not hesitate to email us on or tel 0118 977 0690.