NicheCom partner with TwentyEA

NicheCom partner with TwentyEA who use AI to predict those most likely to move

With our everyday focus being ‘likes’ and ‘hashtags’ the importance of high-quality print and design is often overlooked. Although ‘follows’ and high levels of engagement are undoubtedly a good thing, without print marketing you may not be fully reaching your potential audience.

At NicheCom, we understand the value of high-quality data, high-quality design and high-quality targeted print that allows you to focus on delivering a high-quality service to your clients in this competitive marketplace.

To gain instructions you must be invited out on market appraisals. NicheCom offers a range of direct mail products that allow you to target people who are likely to move in the next 2 months, people who are presently on the market with a competitor, or people who live close to one of your recent success stories.

All of these print products are automated allowing you to concentrate on offering the best service you can.

NicheCom partner with TwentyEA party of the TwentyCi Group

Using AI and Machine Learning Techniques for advanced targeting

We’re excited to announce a new partnership with data specialists, TwentyEA, whose new Forecast tool uses AI and Machine Learning techniques to accurately predict who will move house. Built on 15 years’ experience of tracking the entire UK property market, their unique AI model uses clever data algorithms combined with machine learning to target properties likely to come onto the market in the next two months.

Numerous data points are analysed including the number of years a property has been occupied, its size and the age of the residents. Forecast can then pinpoint the top 10% of vendors most likely to instruct in any agent’s patch, enabling us to generate a campaign that is on average five times more effective than random targeting.

Our monthly feed brings those targets to your fingertips and our automated print platform will generate a personalised letter or mailer delivered by the Royal Mail at a time when people are at the very start of their property move journey.

Targeting vendors that are ready to switch agents

In a market where there is high demand for properties, vendors don’t often switch agents as viewings are regular and selling is swift. However, if the number of active buyers reduces, as we have seen in the past few months, vendors may choose to switch.

Having committed to the moving process, vendors might look for a new agent, someone they overlooked at the start. Constructive, proactive marketing messages at significant points in their moving journey may prompt a valuation request and instruction from an active seller. Our automated print system allows you to target these properties with well-designed marketing pieces that bring your services to the recipient’s attention. 

NicheCom partner with TwentyEA

Success is always worth shouting about

Selling or letting a property is something that should be broadcast to a relevant audience. Our online print platform integrates with your own CRM system to automatically trigger a mail piece from a change of status in your property register. The letter or card will be sent to the local or not so local area, depending of the criteria you set. Don’t rely on a board change to make people aware of your success, use these popular triggers to spread the word;  New to Market, Under Offer, Sold STC and Let By. 

So, while technology is magic and social media is great, now is the time to generate enquiries, market appraisals, and new instructions with a proven, targeting tool that puts your brand in the hands of your potential clients – automatically.

If you would like to discuss any of these options further or you are interested in a bespoke print job, please do not hesitate  in contacting Darren on 0118  4362500 or email