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NicheCom announce new deal with Sony offering upgraded photography and video

In our endeavour to offer the best possible service to all our clients, we are thrilled to announce we are now working alongside Sony as our equipment supplier. Sony are the forerunners of both photographic and video technology and we’re excited to pass those benefits on to you.

This wholesale change grants us significant improvements to both our photographic and premium video products. We are now in the process of upgrading our entire photography team of over 120 staff to the latest Sony mirrorless cameras with wider angle lenses. This new equipment will allow us to highlight more of the space and really show your properties to their fullest. Every NicheCom client will receive this upgrade from January 2023. 

This continued investment in our people and product is core to our ethos at NicheCom and we’re excited to share more with you over the coming months.  

Sony camera NicheCom 2022

Key benefits of the new Sony cameras

  • The Sony camera offers some ground-breaking features including the new wider lens that offers the broadest perspective of a room without fisheye distortion.

  • The Sony sensor offers us an upgraded pixel count and improved dynamic range for better sharpness and image quality.

  • This model offers superior full frame 4K video at 24fps, HD video up to 120fps and uses 10-bit colour for enhanced accuracy.

  • A.I. powered eye and face tracking – all important for that pet photography!

NicheCom has purchased these cameras for each and every photographer, putting us ahead of the curve when it comes to providing cutting edge photography at scale.

Things feeling a little tight? Let us help with the bigger picture

We’ve gathered together a few examples to show you the contrast between the photographs taken with our current Nikon cameras and the potential that can be achieved using the new wider lens. 

To highlight the difference between the old and the new, this is a typical sitting room taken with our 16mm wide Nikon lens:

Sony camera property photography

New photograph taken with Sony's wider lens

The new camera will offer you a broader view of any room, showing more of the floor space and furniture, making it feel far more spacious. 

Sony camera property photography

Showcasing smaller spaces more effectively

In the past, it would have been difficult to get a clear picture of a smaller room with the 16mm lens.

Sony camera imagery

New photograph taken with Sony's wider lens

Far more of the room, the storage units and coat hooks can now be incorporated into a single shot. 

Sony camera imagery

Multi-areas can now be captured in one image

The 16mm lens would not allow for a complete picture of these attractive hallway floor tiles, but the alternative image beneath demonstrates how the wider lens can capture considerably more

Sony camera imagery

New photograph taken with Sony's wider lens

Ideal for more creative images, where you want to convey a sense of the layout of a property, showcase beautiful flooring or to offer a peek inside an adjacent room.

Sony camera property photography

We are delighted to be working with industry leaders, Sony, acquiring new cameras that will bring you even better photography and video come next year. The new wider lens will give our photographers the technology to produce more powerful images, helping you get one step ahead with your property marketing in 2023.

Over the course of December, all our staff are being trained on the new equipment, ready to hit the ground running in January.

If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us on or tel 0118 977 090.