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Royal Mail Door to Door leaflet drops – book now for autumn

Relax, we'll take care of it while you are on holiday

Thinking about your autumn marketing yet?

Not wanting to wish your summer away, it pays to start planning your marketing now to ensure a steady stream of valuations come September.  With a return to a more normal market predicted, agents now have the opportunity to increase market share once supply starts trickling back.

IMPORTANT: you will need to book your door to door slot with Royal Mail approximately 4-5 weeks ahead of time, so the time to act is now!

With just a quick phone call, we can set your leafleting to drop at the optimal time after the holidays.

To find out more, call our print specialist, Darren Wootton, today on 07808 314772 or email

What is Royal Mail Door to Door?

There is a reason why 80% of the UK’s top advertisers use this service that offers access to over 30 million homes.

Leaflet drops to your target postcode are an incredibly cost-effective way to reach your ideal market. There is no database required, no concerns about breaching GDPR, you will just need to let us know which area to book.

We will work with Royal Mail to make sure your business message is hitting your postcodes and that you won’t be going head to head with any competitors during the week of your booking.

We can take care of every aspect of these campaigns, managing the design, print and dispatch of your leaflets by a trusted Royal Mail employee from the cost of 12p per item.

Royal Mail door to door leaflet drop for estate agents

Making it easy for you

Join the ranks of other agents we are helping get sorted for autumn:

“Wonderful! Thanks so much Darren for all your help! You make this a breeze!”

Why add door drops to your marketing mix?

There is plenty of evidence that door drops make a great addition to your marketing mix.

Recent research by JICMAIL has uncovered some incredible statistics that show print marketing to be more trusted and looked at for longer than a typical piece of digital communication.

  • 73% of door drop items are opened, read, filed or set aside for later.
  • 67% of people were prompted to make a purchase as a result of receiving a door drop.
  • 14% of door drops stay in the home after 28 days.
  • a single door drop is interacted with up to 3 times on average.

Post Covid, how we live our lives has changed irrevocably, with more people working at least partly from home and having more time to engage with mail.

Combining door drops with targeted direct mail (which we can also arrange for you) maximises the potential for new customer acquisition.

Door to door leaflet examples

NicheCom are pleased to be able to offer you a complete door to door service. We’ll manage, design, print and liaise with Royal Mail so you don’t have to do a thing.

Contact our print specialist, Darren Wootton, today on 07808 314772 or email Find out more about our other print marketing services.