Property videos - new portrait format launched by NicheCom

NicheCom launch new portrait property videos

NicheCom launched new branded property video products at the start of 2022 and in response to growing demand, we are delighted to be able to expand the range of formats now available.

All our photographers were initially trained to create landscape video, be it a traditional walkthrough, or a creative edit. However, we can now also offer a portrait version, ideal for Instagram or Facebook Stories and Reels or even sharing on TikTok.

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How to order video on our work management system

We have simplified the video categories on the work management system to avoid confusion about which type to order. When you login to the WMS, you will now see the product options as below:

Ordering video on NicheCom's work management system

NicheCom's new video categories

The standard property videos now come in both landscape and portrait formats and are filmed on a gimbal stabilised smartphone. They are generally 45-60 seconds long, branded with your logo and corporate colours, incorporating a call to action so a prospective buyer can easily contact you to book a viewing.

Both landscape and portrait videos can be edited in a creative style, that usually involves more artistic shots and speed ramping, or as a walkthrough which can be longer in format, involving a closer inspection of each room. A combination of the two is also an option.

Property Video (landscape)

Landscape videos are the ideal choice for use on desktop-based platforms such as YouTube, Vimeo, Rightmove and embedding into your own website.

They can also be posted on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter but will appear cropped if viewed on a phone via Stories or Reels.

Property video (portrait)

Portrait videos are ideal for sharing and social media. They look great on Reels, Stories, Facebook Marketplace, TikTok and many other social media apps.

Portrait videos can be sent to applicants via MMS/WhatsApp with a viewing experience designed for mobile devices.

They are not, however, suited to more conventional platforms such as property portals or agency websites.

Premium video

Our premium videos are filmed on a gimbal stabilised professional camera, for truly unique and special properties, where only the very best will do.  These videos will include more footage than our standard versions and incorporate a creative style of filming for a cinematic feel.

Premium videos are also available in landscape or portrait format and there is more scope for creativity with this format. For example we can accommodate specific requests or incorporate drone footage for added impact. 

Drone video (or photography) can also be ordered separately. Find out more about our drone photography services. 

Standard property videos can be added to any property marketing visit for a minimal extra charge. 

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