NicheCom appoint new direct mail expert

Royal Mail and Direct Mail specialist, Darren Wootton, joins NicheCom

New team member, Darren, discusses just how effective direct mail can be and outlines the options available to agents.

NicheCom appoint new direct mail expert

We are pleased to announce the appointment of Darren Wootton, as our new Royal Mail and Direct Mail print specialist. Having worked for eProp Services, Ravensworth and most recently TwentyEA part of the Twenty Ci Group, he comes with a huge amount of industry knowledge and is very experienced in the Royal Mail Door to Door and direct mail arena. 

NicheCom Director, Chris Kenny, was keen to bring Darren into the team and explains why this is the time to look at the letterbox to generate those important Autumn valuations and instructions:

“In a time when there is new Proptech launching daily, promising to save you time, money and make you the most well-equipped estate agent in the area, it can be easy to forget the tools that are most effective for generating those new valuations and instructions.

Speaking to our clients since the end of the Stamp Duty holiday, instructions have become harder to come by. So, while technology is magic and social media is great, now is the time to generate enquiries, valuations and new instructions with a proven, targeting tool that puts your brand in the hands of your potential clients.”

The latest Marketreach* report has identified a shift in behaviour over the last 18 months. Through necessity, the majority of marketing communication has been digital, but there is now increasing appetite from consumers to experience the physical. 

Statistics showed that there was engagement with 96% of mail coming through the door; it was interacted with 4.5 times and stayed within the home for an average of 28 days. Read more.

NicheCom's direct mail expertise

Darren says: “These are impressive figures compared to what we have all come to expect from social media which is why agents should make direct mail or door drops a key component in their acquisition process. It is trusted and also a way to gain new customers within the boundaries of GDPR. Now is the time to take another look at letterbox campaigns and remind ourselves how successful a marketing tool it is.”


He explains further how direct mail has evolved, is more versatile than ever and can be effectively used to enhance your digital activity:


“The scope for sophisticated targeting has long been a feature of direct mail, but now you can make your mailing even more trackable with the use of QR codes, augmented reality and voice search, all of which will make the customer experience richer and more integrated with your online presence.”


What are the direct mail options for estate agents?

Door to Door

Door to door is a proven channel when it comes to boosting acquisition. Its physical and tactile nature grabs customers’ attention, putting your brand directly into their hands. And it is this physicality that also means it’s a channel customers remember. Door drops do have to be booked in advance (and require a minimum spend of £500) but they are one of the cheapest methods of covering your local area.

Direct Mail

Mail connects customers to organisations in a uniquely personal way. It delivers the most important information and done correctly, it reassures and makes potential customers feel valued and in control. Direct mail offers a level of personalisation that is over and above door to door. Using filter and targeted messages you can talk to people on a very one-to-one basis.

Canvassing cards

These can be stored in your office for that ad-hoc mailing while visiting another property in the area. Canvassing is the cheapest method of getting your message through the letterbox and remember we can help if your staff are spending too much precious time on deliveries rather than arranging viewings.

If you would like to discuss any of these options further or are interested in a bespoke print job, please to not hesitate to contact Darren on or tel 07808 314772.

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*Marketreach report based on JICMAIL Mail Media Metrics, 2020.