Preparing a property for a Matterport 3D scan

Important information for property owners that have booked a 3D Matterport scan.

Following on from the recent guidance we published about preparing a property for achieving the best photographs, we have some additional tips for vendors who have also booked a 3D Matterport scan. 

We always recommend a vendor prepares as much in advance as possible in order to get the most from a photographer’s visit, but when having a 3D scan, it is even more critical.

Nothing can be moved once the scan is underway and we will request the occupants of the house keep completely out of view until our photographer has finished. Either waiting on a different floor, in the garden or popping out for short time to ensure there are no complications with the final 3D showcase. 

Clutter or personal items should be hidden in drawers, cupboards or removed from the property before the photographer arrives. All the internal doors should be left open and all the lights in the property be turned on. 

Read more about how vendors can prepare in order to achieve the best property photographs. 

Matterport in action

Dealing with security issues and private documents

There have been recent concerns about the need to protect privacy and it is true to say that the Matterport 3D 4K scans captured by the latest Pro2 cameras will show every property detail in high resolution. 

The crystal clear scan quality is what makes them such an excellent tool for accompanied virtual viewings but it is necessary for a vendor to be extra vigilant about hiding or removing sensitive documents, photographs, antiques or expensive artworks that they don’t want to be on show. 

A ‘blur faces’ tool will be activated on family photographs but as this is an automated function, we cannot guarantee complete anonymity.

Manual blurring of items can be requested at production stage but we can’t unfortunately remove objects. Our quality checking process will flag up any issues that might need be be addressed before the showcase is released to an agent. 

Don’t forget a 3D showcase can be added to any property marketing visit and our GotoView accompanied virtual viewing platform is free to use with every order.

How to prepare for a property marketing visit NicheCom

Preparing for a visit document

We’ve now created a document outlining all our recommendations so you can advise vendors in advance of our visit. You can download a PDF version, use the link to our turning page guide or get in contact if you would like some printed copies. 

We can supply a version branded with your logo on the front and back cover upon request. 

Contact us today for more information about preparing for a visit, or to request a branded version of this guide.