Accompanied virtual viewings are changing how agents do business

It is now over twelve months since the launch of GotoView, so which agents have embedded the technology, are enjoying greater productivity or even finding they can sell extremely expensive houses without a physical visit?

GotoView allows an agent to present an immersive tour of a 3D showcase via a video call, actively engage in the process, answer live questions and easily identify selling opportunities.

Over the past year, several different kinds of ‘virtual viewings’ have emerged of a varying quality. GotoView, however, is one of the few solutions that combines the crystal clear 4K clarity of Matterport’s 3D showcases (scanned by their state-of-the-art Pro2 cameras) with video call functionality.

So, what is the feedback from agents who have embraced GotoView?

We recently reached out to our clients to find out what sort of impact GotoView had made and were bowled over by all the positive feedback. The overall message coming through loud and clear was that using GotoView had improved team productivity, saved a huge amount of wasted time travelling to viewings, was a big hit with buyers, vendors and tenants and was giving agents the edge when it came to securing instructions.

Richard Sutton, a Director at Davis Tate told us: “So far this year, GotoView has saved us more than 600 first physical viewingsThat’s 600 times we have been saved from going on a wasted journey!  We recently also had a buyer was initially resistant to doing a hosted virtual viewing, however his feedback straight after was that he loved this way of doing the initial viewing and appreciated this excellent service, which no other agent was offering.” 

Where there has been skepticism in the past about whether virtual viewings can replace the need for physical viewings, Curchods astonished us with their story about securing an offer for a very high value property from a buyer relocating to Surrey.

Lee Murphy, a Partner at Curchods Estate Agency explains: “We may not be the first to sell a property of the back of a 3D tour, but it might the most valuable at £2.3M. What makes it all the more remarkable, is the fact the buyer is hastily working through the legal process, having not yet set foot in the property.”

Find out how GotoView has been a game-changer for Curchods

GotoView has also been making a mark with high profile letting agents, helping them overcome the typical pain points that arise when homes are re-let. No more waiting for outgoing tenants to permit access and trying to arrange mutually convenient times for viewings on evenings and weekends.

Samantha Newman, Assistant Branch Manager at Alan de Maid said: “Since we have been using GotoView it has revolutionised the way we do things. Feedback from both tenants and landlords alike means it’s a process that’s here to stay. We are now able to conduct viewings at any time of the day with people anywhere in the world. This is now how we conduct all first viewings, with the convenience of being able to do this from our office and applicants from anywhere they like. We have dramatically increased the number of first viewings we are able to do.”

NicheCom’s clients have appreciated that the quality of a GotoView virtual viewing exceeds that of some of the other solutions currently in the market, which include shaky mobile video or even a slideshow of photos set to music.

David J Robinson of David J Robinson Estate Agents and Auctioneers said: “All I can say is that my first GotoView property had 20 hosted virtual viewings, 7 second physical viewings, and 3 offers resulting in an agreed price in excess of the guide price. I cannot stress how much this influenced the sale. And working in a scattered rural area…what a difference! So much better than an amateur mobile phone footage on a YouTube channel, GotoView beats what other agents call a virtual viewing.”

The pandemic has caused digital transformation across many industries to accelerate, and now agents who are unable to offer vendors and buyers the convenience of an accompanied virtual viewing, run the risk appearing out of touch or getting left behind, among their more technology-savvy peers.

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