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10 reasons to make GotoView your goto virtual viewing solution

A whole year on from the ease and convenience of video communication and virtual meetings becoming the norm, the vast majority of agents are keeping up with market demands and are advertising their ability to offer virtual viewings. 

However, as the past 12 months have unfolded, many different kinds of ‘virtual viewings’ have emerged of a varying quality. Many of which involve an agent walking around with a mobile phone, a shaky amateur video, or just a selection of property photographs put together with some music and dressed up as an ‘online viewing’

In a market saturated with poor virtual viewing solutions, it’s no surprise at all that our agents who introduce their prospective vendors to GotoView are finding it to be a huge instruction winner. So, what are the top 10 points which differentiate GotoView from most other solutions?

Agents can host GotoView viewings from their desk

Unlike with mobile phone virtual viewings, which still require an agent to physically be in the property, GotoView viewings are hosted online from the agent’s desk, and can therefore be conducted without delay and without inconvenience to the agent, the viewers, and importantly the current home occupiers.

Viewings can be conducted with all the key decision makers at the same time

We all know that many buyers and tenants rely on the opinions of others, before committing to their new home. With GotoView, agents can invite all key decision makers to meet with them at the same time, regardless of their different locations and individual devices, enabling them to show everyone the property in a single appointment.

GotoView change property demo screenshot

Conduct ‘piggy-back’ viewings within a single GotoView appointment

No other virtual viewing platform allows the agent to transport their viewers instantly from one property to another (and another, and another etc.) within the one viewing appointment.  A buyer can join the agent virtually at the first property and view all suitable properties back-to-back. The agent enjoys a captive audience where they can show their viewers all suitable properties within a single session.

The value of meeting face-to-face on GotoView

The video call functionality provides agents with quick and easy means of meeting their prospective customers face-to-face, enabling them to swiftly build relationships and rapport by engaging far more effectively than over the phone. This has a positive impact on successful cross-sales (for valuations/instructions, mortgage appointments etc.) as it is much easier for customers to trust in guidance and advice given face-to-face.

GotoView is internet-based rather than a full-screen sharing application

Unlike with Zoom or Teams, GotoView requires no application download, registration process, or viewer login, which makes GotoView as simple to access as possible. A viewing is attended in one click of a mouse from an automated emailed invitation.  GotoView also enables the host agent to present the property itself to the viewers without sharing their whole screen as open documents, files and applications will not be visible to viewers.

GotoView on tablet

GotoView viewings most closely replicates the physical viewing experience

GotoView is one of the few platforms that marry the quality of a Matterport 3D showcase with video call technology.  Agents can show the entirety of each and every room from various points and guide their viewers around the whole property as if they were walking them around physically. This means that anything which could and would have been seen with the naked eye on a physical viewing is exactly what is seen in 4K definition.

Agents can eliminate post-sale/let agreed property re-visits

Our Matterport 3D showcases are fully immersive scans and access to these showcases can be provided to viewers immediately after their GotoView viewings, allowing them to go back in virtually to take another look unaccompanied.  This is especially useful to buyers and tenants who have secured a property and want to show their friends and family their new home, as well as measure-up for fixtures, fittings and furniture.

Matterport measure up tool

GotoView is completely free

All NicheCom clients can be made GotoView ‘enabled’ by request and can benefit from this virtual viewing platform free of charge.  GotoView is not licenced out, there is no limit or related fee to the number of virtual viewings carried out, and there is a suite of free marketing assets available (including window stickers, flyers and branded videos) for promoting this service.

GotoView is integrated with Reapit

Reapit users can now book GotoView virtual viewings directly through an app just launched in their Marketplace. In fact, all our NicheCom services, which are completed by our nationwide team in one single property visit, are now fully integrated with Reapit, meaning that agents can now order photography, floor plans, EPCs and 3D showcases as well as arrange virtual viewings more quickly than ever.

Unique analytics tools are available to all users

Each GotoView agent has access to a GotoView usage report for their branch (or region/whole agency, for higher management).  The data collated (which is customisable) shows how many GotoView virtual viewings have been completed, by whom, on which properties, and the average viewing length. These usage reports have been invaluable for helping agents with vendor feedback, diary management and resourcing.

To find out more about how GotoView could benefit your agency and your clients, and to arrange a demonstration of the platform at your convenience, please contact Claire on 07929 848791.

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