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Let the world know you offer GotoView virtual viewings

With demand now soaring for virtual viewings, we’ve been thinking about how we can help you promote the fact you can offer GotoView to your local clientele. As you may be aware, GotoView comes free with all 3D showcase orders and allows you to present a virtual walk through to prospective buyers via live video chat.

If you’re still on the fence, wondering whether virtual viewings will continue post-Covid, then some insights from our recent campaign might persuade you to take the leap.

Increasing demand from sellers, buyers and tenants.

Since December, we’ve been testing the water, trying to establish how popular virtual viewings are at consumer level. A series of videos were commissioned that involved talking to vendors, buyer and tenants about their experience of using accompanied virtual viewings.

The overriding message was that GotoView removed a whole lot of stress from the process, helping vendors to get under offer more quickly and for buyers it helped them reclaim their evenings and weekends. One couple re-locating from London, said they wouldn’t even bother with any properties that didn’t offer a virtual viewing.

The videos have been launched across a number of platforms including Facebook, Instagram and YouTube and although we have only targeted a small area of the UK, they have already been viewed by almost 100,000 people. You might conclude from this that more and more people are going to start wanting initial viewings to be carried out virtually.

Watch our video to find out what people think of GotoView

How we can help you promote GotoView

Following recent demand, we have produced a number of ‘GotoView enabled’ marketing assets that are now freely available for all our clients to use. These include logos, window stickers, brochures for your vendors and customisable promotional videos. Pop-up banners plus bespoke graphics are among items that are available upon request.

See all the GotoView enabled assets or call us on 0118 977 0690 to request some promotional material.

Although there are now a plethora of virtual viewing offerings, we firmly believe GotoView is a cut above the rest. We only use Matterport’s Pro 2 3D cameras for our showcases, combined with the ground-breaking technology that allows an agent to present accompanied virtual viewings.

No sending links into cyber space, then hoping for a call. Build a rapport with prospective buyers, engage earlier on in the process and get more first viewings booked in more quickly. 

Make sure you can offer vendors, buyers and tenants a better way to carry out first viewings. Contact Claire for or a demo and to find out how GotoView can help you win instructions, save time and money and improve the home buying process for everyone.

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