Reapit NicheCom integration

NicheCom to integrate with Reapit’s market leading CRM

NicheCom is delighted to announce that estate agencies with a Reapit CRM will shortly be able to manage orders for our services via two new apps soon to be added to their App Marketplace. Reapit users will be able to place orders for photography, floorplans, 3D showcases and EPCs directly through a new NicheCom Agency Cloud App and book a GotoView virtual viewing via a Third Party Integration app. The aim is to provide agencies with a faster and more streamlined way of managing orders and avoid having to double key property information into our work management system when they take on new instructions.

Even if you are not currently using their services, most of you will be familiar with Reapit, whose Agency Cloud solution is now serving over 4,500 companies nationwide, allowing agencies to run their entire business, from sales and letting to front-office and back-end operations, within an all-encompassing CRM.

Over the last couple of years’, Reapit has responded to demand to extend the reach of their platform by integrating numerous third party apps (that meet their strict quality assurance) which enhance a user’s experience and allow them to closely customise their CRM experience.

Reapit NicheCom integration

Benefits of this integration

  • Save a huge amount of admin time, no need to upload property and vendor information for a second time on NicheCom’s work management system in order to place a photography, floorplan, EPC, 3D showcase or GotoView order.
  • Avoiding having to double key information means fewer mistakes caused by human error.
  • We will receive orders more quickly and process faster – as soon as you have registered information via Reapit, we will receive alerts to action the job.
  • Status updates will be fed directly to your CRM, so won’t have to log into two different systems to check on progress.
  • GotoView virtual viewings will be directly bookable, no need to key the viewing booking into another third party website
  • Benefits go both ways – once a job is ready, the links to the assets will be made available directly through the Reapit software.
  • A more seamless process will ensure both parties can operate more efficiently.

Reapit App Marketplace


These Marketplace apps have been integrated to load and run within Agency Cloud (Desktop CRM). You will shortly be able to use the NicheCom app to manage all your photography, floorplans, EPCs and 3D showcase orders. Visit the Reapit Foundation Partners page for more information. 


These Direct API apps are hosted outside of Agency Cloud, but are still directly connected, transferring information to your desktop CRM in real time. Book your GotoView virtual viewings via the new GotoView app. Find out more

Reapit NicheCom app integration

Peter Burnham, Managing Director of NicheCom has said:

“We often receive praise on how quick, simple and easy it is to order, track and download marketing assets via our work management system.  However, if we multiply the number of minutes spent on these tasks by the number of orders we receive, then that’s well over 10,000 hours of input/output administration per annum.

NicheCom is fully committed to any form of integration that will save clients valuable time and money, so don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss how we can help.”

We are currently in discussions with several other CRM providers about taking the next steps towards integration of our services.

To find out more about integrating with Reapit or any other CRM, please do not hesitate to contact our Head of IT, Mark Orme. 

Mark Orme Head of IT NicheCom