GotoView virtual viewings help with discreet marketing

How GotoView helps with discreet property marketing

Claire Farley explains how GotoView can help when vendors want to remain low profile

As an agent, it was not unusual for me to be asked to carry out some valuations ‘discreetly’, parking a street or two away, and even occasionally being asked to come to a property ‘not dressed as an estate agent’, because they didn’t want their neighbours to know that they were considering selling!  These were often vendors that found themselves needing to sell rather than wanting to, and often due to one of the three D’s (death, divorce or debt), rendering the prospect of having to sell extremely emotional. 

To some of these vendors, just the thought of their neighbours seeing a For Sale board appear at their property, attracting attention and unwanted questions from neighbours, was enough to make them put off the selling process for as long as possible.  And, of course, we all know that even if a board wasn’t erected, with the high volume of traffic visiting sites such as Rightmove and Zoopla these days, it would not be long before the cat was out of the bag.

For an agent, the full marketing of a property (that includes online advertising with impressive professional photography, a floorplan, window card and For Sale board) is usually preferred, as it is with the majority of vendors. However, the circumstances of each vendor are different, their wants and needs can differ, so the ‘one size fits all’ marketing solution is not always appropriate.

GotoView virtual viewings help with discreet marketing

Establish a good local reputation

Well established agents know the importance of word of mouth, especially in communities where people generally move locally and remain in your patch; upsizing or downsizing, moving closer to town or to the outskirts etc, to suit ever-changing circumstances.  During my years in estate agency, many of my new instructions came from repeat business and recommendation, thanks to the power of word of mouth. 

With this in mind, imagine the positive impact on your business if your next vendor spoke to their friends and family following completion and said: ‘my agent showed great understanding of the situation and not only respected my privacy during a difficult time but also offered me a way of selling my home discreetly’.  It would show that you are not only a trusted and professional agent, but also a decent and compassionate human being, who can do their job whilst still giving customers the privacy they so often desperately want.

GotoView can help with low-profile marketing

Where discreet marketing is called for, GotoView virtual viewings can provide the solution!  Your vendor need only be visited once by a NicheCom professional photographer, who will take a fully immersive scan of the property, draw the floorplan and create an EPC (if required), and they will be ready to hit the market, start hosting viewings, with the neighbours being none the wiser.   

Once the 3D showcase is ready, the GotoView technology will enable you to host effective and private virtual viewings with suitable and qualified buyers. No online advertising, no window card, no For Sale board – but a secured instruction none the less which you can show virtually to your prospects, only then arranging physical viewings for serious buyers. By the second viewing stage, they will have already taken a fully immersive tour of the property with you online, had all their questions answered, and even been able to measure up in advance!

Marketing over the Christmas period

This option would also serve well as an initial marketing solution to vendors who want to sell their property but think it’s best to wait until after Christmas and New Year. They may think, given the time of year and the current tier level restrictions, that the time isn’t quite right for them to start marketing – they don’t want their property to be seen as ‘unsold’ for the next couple of months unnecessarily.  Offering this discreet marketing service to these vendors could gain an instruction without delay and give them the chance of securing a quality buyer before Christmas. If a buyer isn’t found, then they can hit the market fully in the New Year to attract new interest as a new listing – it’s a no-brainer!

And what about any of your current vendors who tell you that they want to take a break from the market?  They’ve been unsuccessful in finding a buyer so far, and want to put things on hold for a while.  Don’t let these vendors walk out of the door and have to win them back at a later date!  Offer discreet marketing and give them a break from the open market without losing their instruction.

GotoView virtual viewings can provide a great solution when vendors want to keep their sale low profile or when they want to quietly test the water before launching onto the open market. GotoView is currently the only accompanied virtual viewings solution that combines the exceptional quality of a 3D Matterport scan with video conferencing technology and is free to use with a 3D showcase order. Find out more about GotoView  or contact me today for a demo

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