Covid-19 Safe System of Working update Nov 2019

Revisions to our Safe System of Working Policy during Covid-19

As we move into the next lockdown phase on 5th November, we’d like to reassure you that we will be able to continue providing all our property marketing services, but we will be operating in line with our updated Covid-19 Safe System of Working policy

We will be complying with every precautionary measure that has been in place since we re-opened in May (such as the wearing of PPE, frequent hand washing and sanitising) but for additional safety, we will now be requesting that a property’s occupants leave the premises for the duration of a visit.

At appointment booking stage, we will advise the occupant that they cannot be present whilst our photographers are at the property, and as a consequence, all items must be tidied away prior to visit. Nothing can be touched or moved by our staff, including the bins. We would appreciate good levels of communication between agents and vendors or tenants so that everyone is aware of the additional requirement that needs to be in place. 

The safety of our field staff, our clients and the wider public is paramount at this critical time so we thank you for helping us to continue to operate safely. 

Summary of our Covid-19 Safe Practices

As part of our Safe System of Working policy, our photographers will:

  • Check whether any occupants are self-isolating, experiencing any symptoms of COVID-19, and/or have received a positive diagnosis.
  • Only attend an appointment if the occupants are not present.
  • Request that the property be prepared suitably for the visit as they will not be moving items.
  • Wash hands upon arrival for at least 20 seconds and avoid touching face, eyes, nose or mouth.
  • Use disposable gloves, shoe covers and a face mask at every appointment.
  • Regularly using hand sanitiser and antibacterial wipes.
  • Wipe down equipment after each appointment.

How can we help you during lockdown?

GotoView virtual viewings arrange a demo


Many people will be by now familiar with GotoView, our accompanied virtual viewings solution that facilitates an immersive walk-through of a 3D scan of a property. Agents can book in viewings with prospective buyers and present a property via video call technology. 

You may have previously ordered 3D Matterport scans, but GotoView allows you to conduct the virtual viewing, engaging with prospective buyers at an early stage of the process. 

All our photographers are able to create a 3D scan as well as producing the photography, floorplan and EPC from a single property visit. Our 3D scan charge is heavily discounted when ordered with a regular photography and/or floor plan order.

Don’t forget GotoView is free to use with every 3D scan order! 

Contact our GotoView engagement executive, Claire Farley to find out more about GotoView accompanied virtual viewings, for a no obligation demo or to get your branch set up on our system. 

Find out more about GotoView

GotoView virtual viewings arrange demo