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Is your agency missing out on LOTS?

Claire Farley discusses how GotoView virtual viewings can stop the painful business of turning away buyers

With just under a quarter of people in the UK reported to be currently (or soon to be) living under extra lockdown restrictions, it comes as no surprise to me that more and more estate agents are telling me that they’ve agreed with their vendors to only conduct physical viewings with proceedable buyers. 

Vendors are extremely eager to sell right now and benefit from the stamp duty holiday, but of course, they do not want countless strangers entering their home (even when they are wearing PPE) especially if those prospective buyers have not yet sold their own property. Never has the phrase ‘quality over quantity’ been more relevant to vendors and of course to estate agents also, who are accompanying these viewings, and ensuring that their necessarily strict Covid-19 policies are being followed. 

What are estate agents doing when local buyers ask to view a property but aren't yet on the market?

Or when they are contacted by buyers who are on the market but unsold with one of their local competitors?  Are they having to say no and turn away these non-proceedable ‘local own to sell’ (LOTS) buyers, who could and should be their next vendors?

When I was an estate agent, as soon as I gained a new instruction, it was my LOTS who I contacted first to tell them about it.  These were my prospective future vendors and I wanted them to not only get excited about any relevant new Instructions that I had (with a view of chain building) but I also wanted to build additional rapport with them (the more contact, the better), show them how proactive I was an as agent, and ultimately win their business and convert their own property into my next new instruction. 

Even when the market is booming, new instructions remain the lifeline to any successful estate agency, and winning new business remains vital for future-proofing that success.  By incorporating GotoView, (our accompanied virtual viewings solution) into the home buying process, you can keep your vendors happy, by only allowing proceedable buyers through their door, AND avoid having to turn away the potential new business. 

Offer a non-proceedable buyer a GotoView accompanied virtual viewing

Converting an initial lead from a LOTS into a GotoView appointment will enable you to show them around a property without inconveniencing the vendor in any way.  It will also give you the opportunity to virtually meet these LOTS, giving you a swift way to build rapport and show them what an accommodating agent you are as well as showing them an impressive 3D showcase…which they will no doubt want for their own property!  Not only should this lead to a definite foot in the door to carry out a valuation on their own property, but it should serve as a fantastic way of showing them exactly the kind of service that you provide as an agent and assure them of the professional way you would market their property. 

Don’t let your agency miss out on LOTS, take advantage of GotoView now which is FREE with all of your 3D showcase orders. Accompanied virtual viewings are now in huge demand by vendors and buyers who can save a huge amount of time, inconvenience and hassle as well as speed along the home moving process.

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