The Value in Taking a New Perspective

We believe that every property brought to the market, irrespective of size or price, should be showcased to its full potential. Our photographers pride themselves in finding creative ways to ensure that this is achieved.

One method we use to showcase this potential is through the use of elevated photography (EP). EP involves using a stationary telescopic mast to raise a camera to an optimum height (up to 60ft if possible). The camera is then tilted down, looking upon the property and the surrounding area. The added height and angle enables photographers to capture an entirely new perspective of property viewing.

Take a look at the example illustrated below:

Here, the use of EP offers a wide shot of the beautiful back garden area of this property. The elevated shot offers a three-dimensional perspective to the rear of the property. Potential buyers are given greater depth and a more comprehensive understanding into the size of the garden, as well as an illustration of what the property’s external features comprise of. The elevated photograph also provides some useful insight on the height of the property from this three-dimensional perspective. Such information would not necessarily be obtained from basic, ground-based photography.

Similarly to the first image this next shot adds another perspective to the property. In this particular photograph, viewers are able to see and appreciate the depth of the garden in considerably more observable detail. The added height of the camera gives viewers an insight as to how far back the garden goes in terms of length. Not only this, but the elevated photograph illustrates some of the environment that surrounds the rear of the property, in this case that being trees, greenery and buildings to the far rear of the property.

Our investment in elevated photography equipment enables them to have a clear marketing advantage. For instance, their Matterport 3D showcasing equipment combines a dollhouse-like view and a floor plan to provide a detailed interior overview of a property showing the features, rooms and space within the house from a 3D perspective.

The 3D technology captures a fully responsive tour of the property, which can then be accessed on mobile and computer devices. This technological advancement in property viewing acts as NicheCom’s competitive advantage, as viewers are able to be given a comprehensive oversight of the property in substantial detail just from a mobile/computer device.

Furthermore, our investment in elevated photography has significant advantages for estate housing. Properties with attractive landscapes and external features can be showcased to their full potential with the use of EP. Instead of using ground-based photography, where the image of the front or rear of a property is limited to a ‘street view’ which limits viewers information and detail of the property to a single two-dimensional image, EP takes a wider and greater perspective that ground-based photography cannot always offer.

The composition of this elevated shot creates a stunning and clearer view of the greenery that surrounds this property. The image evokes the interest of the viewer by illustrating the rear, external features of the property which is now visible from elevation. Such important details can be missed or overlooked using the traditional ‘street view’ image of a property.

Taking a new perspective in property-viewing will have significant value to both the vendor as well as the potential buyer. Our clients have commented on the exceptional quality of the photographs supplied, one of them stating “We now have consistently high-quality photography and floor plans which not only gets the property more interest, but it also attracts prospective vendors.” Elevated photography is a perspective that shows potential buyers the hidden elements of the property that might not otherwise be observable in ground-based photography. This is perhaps why ‘Elevated photography not only raises the camera, but also raises your sales opportunity’. Mike Pearson, on ‘The benefits of elevated photography’

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