The Importance of Photography

Capturing the perfect shot can be difficult, but we at NicheCom believe it is essential for a property to be showcased to its full potential, regardless of size or price. Below we explore the reasons for needing professional photography, some of the many benefits it holds and some tips to improve your property photography.


Why is it needed?
Photography is the first thing to capture a potential customer’s eye, especially as people increasingly conduct their research online. It is essential to have photos that demonstrate and emphasise the properties key features, whether that be cosy living rooms or large outdoor spaces.

AXA the insurance company conducted research on a one bedroom flat with shared garden. Photos were shown to 1,000 members of the public. One half of the sample saw the property in it’s before state and the other half saw it after a mini makeover, a total one-hour effort for a photographer and his assistant. The changes costed nothing but they’ve managed to boost the property’s value in viewer’s eyes by 21 percent.

Too often photos used to sell a property are of low quality, in poor lighting or lack detail. This can reflect poorly on what might be a real gem of a property, reducing the amount of traffic the house truly deserves. With more than 60% of property searches on Rightmove now completed on a smartphone or tablet, it’s vital that you have good quality, eye-catching photos.

What difference can it make?
Below you can see an example as shown on Rightmove on the difference that photography can make. See how much of a difference the lighting has made in the second photo compared to the first. The lighting and framing help to make the second picture look much warmer and more inviting than the first. This could make all the difference to the number of enquiries, viewings and potentially the final value of the house. Rightmove report that better quality photos have been seen to lead to a higher click rate – so it really is worth taking the time to ensure your photos are as good as they can be.

How to achieve better photos
There are some really easy tips you can follow to get more from your property photos. For example, make sure you clear all clutter from rooms and large objects (such as ornaments) away from windows while keeping blinds and curtains as open as possible. This can help to make the room feel much bigger and brighter. Another easy tip to follow is to take your photos at the right time of day, you’ll get a much better exterior shot in the early morning than you would in the afternoon – as natural light is at its best at this time.

Further help
Of course, you don’t have to do all this yourself. One of our top tips to get the best out of photography for your home is get a professional in to help you. At NicheCom, we are passionate about property and photography and a combination of our professional equipment and keen eye for detail ensure we get the best out of your property.

For any of your marketing needs, including professional photography, don’t hesitate to contact us.