How Technology is Changing The Property Market

At Niche we are passionate about embracing the latest technology to ensure our work is always pushing boundaries and exceeding expectations.


If you look around you, it’s clear to see that technology is changing the way we do things forever. Think, just 10 years ago smartphones didn’t exist – but today more than 60% of property searches on Rightmove are completed on a smartphone or tablet. At Niche we are always looking for the most innovative and exciting technology that can push our work to new heights. We wanted to share with you some of the new technology available and how it is helping evolve the property market.

Virtual Reality and Immersive Tours
Technology now allows for a whole new way of viewing properties, through virtual reality tours.

But what does that mean? This technology allows you, and your potential buyers, to explore a property as if you were really there – offering a total sense of how a home fits together. Much like on Google Maps, you can ‘walk’ your way through the interior of the house, room by room. Photo galleries, 360 panoramas and even fly-through videos often lack perspective and feel that homebuyers crave.

At Niche we are excited to announce the introduction of this revolutionary technology called Mattersport 3D Showcase, a completely new form of immersive 3D media.

The 3D showcase uses the very latest technology to create a fully responsive property tour that brings your property listing to life.

Photography Equipment
Photography equipment is always developing, but it’s not always just new lenses and cameras. The latest development taking property photography to new heights is remote controlled drones. These nifty flying devices can be flown above the property, offering a whole host of unique photography opportunities.

At Niche we have recently invested in this remote-controlled drone technology. This allows us to obtain previously impossible angles, ensuring we can show off the exterior of your property to its full potential, essential to getting the most out of your property listing. This outstanding aerial photography is sure to set your property above the competition.

Floor Plans
Even with all these technological advancements, floor plans remain a crucial component of property marketing. A simple yet effective floor plan is a great way to set your listings apart from the competition. Technological advancements have meant that Computer Aided Design software (CAD) is more comprehensive and intuitive – resulting in more accurate floor plans produced in a shorter period of time.

With over 20 years’ experience as market leaders in providing professional floor plans – we know that not all floor plans are the same. We use state of the art technology along with the wealth of knowledge from over 70 experts to provide fully insured RICS compliant floor plans – optimised for web and print viewing quality.

Other Tasks
Technology isn’t limited to just these tasks; small changes are always being made to make work more efficient or easier than ever. From new software such as apps to new hardware such as iPads, things are constantly changing and evolving.

Technology has also allowed us at NicheCom to optimise tasks such as our Inventories, making them as efficient and comprehensive as ever. Using the latest iPad technology and our back-end IT solutions, our team of fully trained Inventory Assessors ensure detailed reports are available online with 24 hours. Reports include digital images as well as detailed written accounts to give you the most comprehensive reports possible.

For more information on our work contact us or call 0118 977 0690, we’d be happy to help!