Creating a Brand Using Data Analysis

At NicheCom, we understand the power of first impressions and the impact and importance branding can have on a business. A strong brand can help drive and sustain growth. At the start of the year we were approached by Prospect, a fast-growing group of estate agents headquartered in Berkshire, in need of re-branding.


Who are they?
Prospect are an amazing agency with 10 offices across Berkshire, Hampshire and Surrey. Established for fast approaching 30 years, they have grown year on year into a company to watch. They care passionately about what they do and enthusiasm abounds from the top of the organisation to the bottom. So, what was their problem? Prospect identified that they had difficulties engaging with their customers and wanted a more streamlined, simplified communication path that identifies and encapsulates the core values of both their brands; Prospect and PhD (a dedicated luxury property service).

What did they need?
To go forward, we first had to take a step backwards. By taking a step back we allowed Prospect to understand what made them unique, where they were positioned in the market and what their target market was. By targeting these factors with your brand, you can drive for more continued growth, just like what they have successfully achieved for the last 30 years.

How did we do this?
For Prospect to better understand their customers we profiled their entire customer database, looking at the performance of the market they were operating in to understand exactly where they were excelling. Through our use of Mosaic profiling tools, we allowed them to better understand who their clients were, what segment of the market they were excelling in and how we could create a compelling branding message that this identified target market would best respond to. Simultaneously, we carried out a communications audit reviewing their publications to challenge each piece for its core message and its relevance. In doing this we assisted them in identifying the core concepts, messages, getting professional photos from our multiskilled photographers, floor plans, EPCs, 3D Showcase tour needs that could then be prioritised going forward into the new rebranding.

The result
After stripping the Prospect brand back to its core, we were able to complete a full re-brand, allowing the 2 parts of the business to work together harmoniously – forming a clear link and path between the Prospect and Prospect PhD aspects. We simplified and clarified the messages Prospect delivered, giving them the tools to instinctively understand what their communications should achieve going forward. This gave them the confidence to express themselves and the brand of Prospect as the amazing business that they are. As a result, Prospect is a much more engaged and connected business from the top down, with a clear knowledge of their mission and how to deliver it. We are extremely happy with the work we have done for Prospect and like to consider ourselves part of their team! Have a look at some of the rebranding work below…

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